First Post!


Take my hand and follow me through the darkness on this grand adventure into the depths of the internet and everything that it has to offer creatives. Surely this narrow path of glowing lights will lead us to victory, not a dead-end in the Bog of Eternal Stench… right?


We live in the best time to be a creative person. With just a couple of clicks you can create a website, Twitter, video blog, or podcast that could potentially be viewed by millions of people. I mean, if a dude who blows things up in his back yard, or a woman who builds shitty robots, or a writer who fuses satire with mediocre erotica can make money online, surely you can also.

I’m not here to promise you a fortune or an easy path to success. Remember, we’re just hoping that this path doesn’t lead to a nasty end in a puppet-filled bog, even though the internet is filled with dead ends and terrible people. But that’s okay, because we’ve got this snazzy road flare that a photographer convinced us to hold and clearly it will illuminate our path without spitting out so many hot cinders that our clothes catch fire and… and… and…

Sorry, I got lost for a moment there.

Because this is scary.

Putting yourself out there for the world to read, or see, or listen to is a difficult thing for many of us, but that just means that we need to try extra hard to get our ideas out there for the world to see. Remember that as much as the internet is filled with trolls who hunch over an adware-infested computer in their grandmother’s basement, dripping pus and bile on their keyboards from beneath their stylish Neo-nazi haircuts, there are just as many (probably more) people who use screen names as masks behind which a shy teenager, or socially awkward millennial, or bored house husband, or determined grandmother can express their intense love for Supernatural and Doctor Who through fanfic, art, or blogs.

And that’s what Pixel Wretches is about.

Our goal here on Pixel Wretches is to dig into all aspects of digital expression and share it with you, our readers, listeners, viewers, and mental-download recipients. Ever wanted to start a podcast, but just couldn’t figure it out? We’ll give you a really simple way to get it done, for zero to little cost. Want to write short stories, but not sure where to publish them? We’ll help you sort through the tangle of short story fiction markets and give clear advice on how to get published.

We’re not experts, but we’re just as passionate as you and figure that if we have to put in the work, we might as well share what we learn with the world as simply and clearly as we can.