Tweet All About It

Need some motivation to keep you pushing through that next page of your novel? You’re not alone. In fact, there are hundreds, even thousands of people at any given moment working on their next story idea. Try motivating yourself to write by starting and ending your session with a tweet.


Lots of people tweet about their writing every day. Independent writers like me tweet to find other writers and gain a little bit of attention. Established writers tweet to inspire new authors and connect with their fans. Twitter is a service that truly becomes whatever you make of it.

Just like writing.

Take a look at the numbers in that tweet for a moment: Cory Doctorow is a respected science fiction novelist who has been active in writing, public advocacy, and blogging for almost twenty years, and he still has days when he only writes one page of a novel. Of course he works on multiple novels at once, while also writing articles and blog posts, but look at what can happen when you write that one page a day: His near future sci-fi novel has passed five hundred pages in the couple of years that he’s been tweeting about it.


Twitter is a mess right now. Celebrities are quitting because of harassment and poor enforcement of community policies. The service is flooded with bots and trolls trying to sell products, promote insane theories, and harass anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

So why the hell am I suggesting you join?

Because Twitter is in large part what you make of it. If you create an account and only follow a few friends, or independent writers, or mid-grade celebrities, and only post about your work, you’re frankly unlikely to encounter many trolls. And if you do, make liberal use of the block/report feature. Instead of being scared away by trolls, or sucked into the political morass, focus on crowing about your writing and interacting with other writers.

Begin your day by writing a simple one or two sentence summary of what you hope to write today, add #AmWriting to the tweet, and post it.

Then, when you’re done writing for the day, post your word count and reward yourself by spending ten minutes browsing the tweets for #AmWriting or #Writing and replying to a few people who are writing interesting stories.

And make sure you ping me on your posts @alinke or @PixelWretches.