Hold your laptop or tablet up to your nose and breathe deeply, inhaling the glorious scent of still wet pixels clinging to the hot page. Don’t get too close though, or you may get a smear of animated colors on the tip of your nose.

Trust us, we know something about pixel stains.

Pixel Wretches is a voice for the age of digital authors and content creators. We know what it means to toil in the pixel mines, hacking magical, glowing fragments of story from the deepest passages of memory.

We publish articles on writing, marketing, and business for independent artists, produce a podcast interviewing content creators, and aim to create a community for writers, musicians, and podcasters to share their love of creating quality art.

Are you a Pixel-stained Wretch? Send us an e-mail. We’d love to hear from you. Post your questions on Twitter with #AskAWretch and we’ll answer them on an upcoming podcast or article. Reach out to us at

Who are we?

Pixel Wretches was founded and is run by Andrew Linke with assistance from Cecilee Linke.