Podcast Guest Guide

Want to appear on the Pixel Wretches podcast?

Awesome. We just have a few things to cover before we dial up that modem and hit record.

Please take a moment to look over the information on this page to prepare yourself for the show. Most of the questions that people tend to ask are answered here.

The most important thing is:

Have fun!

Pixel Wretches is not an especially formal show. We try to keep the production level up and following something of a format, but episodes can very in length, format, and organization. It’s all about exploring your passion as a creator.

Just have a quick question or comment?

If you would like to participate in the show but don’t want to do a full interview, you can record yourself using Voice Memos on your phone and send the clip to us. We generally save up clips for Q&A episodes, unless we’re soliciting feedback from listeners for a special episode.

Pixel Wretches is not a live broadcast

No need to worry if you make a mistake! Our conversation will be edited (as little as possible) to fix significant mistakes, humorously bleep/squawk/ding out the usual words, and excerpt a really dynamic part of the conversation to be a teaser at the beginning.

This means that during our chat, if you need to take care of things around the house while we’re talking (kids are murdering each other, dog needs a walk, you drank too much soda, etc), that’s fine! If you want to rephrase something, that’s OK too. I can edit those parts.

Most of all, don’t worry about sounding “radio perfect.” Podcasts are an informal medium, so it works the best when everyone is relaxed and just chatting like old friends.

Recording the Interview

Since we all can’t actually see each other in person for our conversation, we will be using the internet to help us chat and put the show together. Here are some important points about recording our episode:

  1. We will use Skype or Google Hangouts for our discussions.
    You are responsible for getting one of them installed and working on your computer. Sorry, but I can’t provide tech support for every different computer out there. Download Skype here or visit the Google Hangouts page and make sure you can use the Voice or Video call options. You can also use the Skype or Hangouts apps for your smart phone, but…
  2. Make sure you have an external microphone. You’ll sound much better with an external microphone. If you don’t have an fancy external mic, you can use a gaming headset. As a last resort, you can use your phone earbuds (the ones that have a built-in mic).
  3. Make sure to wear earbuds or headphones. Not only will you hear yourself more clearly as you’re talking, but also it will prevent your microphone from picking up my voice, creating a nasty echoing feedback loop.
  4. Please record your end of the conversation. I will run a backup program on my end that will capture our entire chat in case something goes wrong, but recording yourself will make the editing process easier for me and result in better audio quality. After we are done recording, I will ask you to send me the audio file of your voice via Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer, at which point I will edit the files to make it sound like we’re talking in the same studio.

How can you record yourself?

Mac users:

If you have a Mac like I do, guess what? You can use QuickTime to record yourself! To learn how you can use QuickTime to record your voice, you can watch this video here:


If you’re a Windows user, you can use Audacity, a free application you can download here.To learn how you can use Audacity, you can watch this video here:


Thanks to the delightful Antony Johnston for creating PodcastGuestGuide.com, as well as producing and participating in many great podcasts. My guide is shamelessly stolen from my wife‘s guide for her Kate Bush fan podcast, and her guide is mostly based on Antony’s.